“We have the things you didn’t know you needed.” Variety is the spice of life and the specialty at our tables. Greg and Mark are Monster Hunter Comics. And now you know why they wear glasses.

When he’s not busy buying things he later regrets, Greg is saving up to be a curmudgeon. He’s not there yet, but soon enough it’ll be just a question of which bookcase he will be found under when it tips over. In the meantime, he’s cleaning out the closets of obscure and obtuse things he’s come across to bring to shows, prompting various forms of ‘What’s this?” and “Huh?” from people before they break down and buy it anyway.

Mark, on the other hand, has been surrounded by comics and trapped in his basement office for the better part of two decades. He digs out occasionally to eat, sell off the overflow, and apologize to his patient family.

Monster Hunter Comics will be at FANCON 59 on June 10.