Thoughts on FANCON 59 and what lies ahead

Hello all, it’s Craig. Wow, that was an interesting show! I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from various people, fans and exhibitors alike, who were very pleased with how the show went. We had several new exhibitors, some returning exhibitors, and many FANCON regulars. It was great seeing everyone, as always! We had a great attendance, and the show was profitable, from a business standpoint.

Thanks go out to JOEL SANDERSON of DEMOLITION KITCHEN MEDIA for the “breaking news” video featuring an animated Walter Cronkite.

Thanks also go out to PRETZELLY FOOD TRUCK for being in the kitchen slinging original food items. We prize originality over all else!

The fans who showed up this year were fantastic. I saw many old friends, and made many new acquaintances. I enjoyed talking with you all! 

Next up will be the jewel of Kansas City Fan Conventions, a little show we call Freestatecon, or as some say, Freestate Comicon, or “the Freecon”. This is the show where we bring in a few professional local comic book creators, some emerging talent, and other creative makers of various media. We hope that all of our fans can make it out on September 9, same bat time, same bat channel.

I now raise my glass and say “cheers” to all of you!

Until we meet again,