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Thanks to all for spending part of your Saturday with us!  We had fun, and hope you did too.

Personally, I always have a blast seeing all of my comic fan friends, exhibitor buddies, and creator pals.  The sense of community and extended family is real.  Thank you all for supporting my humble little convention.

Not that anyone cares, but this was our 52nd show, and the 14th year for FREESTATECON.

We already have shows #53, #54, and #55 scheduled, and will wait until the new year to announce the dates.

One of the above-mentioned shows will be our second attempt at organizing a music-con.  We failed miserably last year.  The vision for the music-con is that record collectors and musicians who want to sell their stuff, can get an inexpensive booth or table.  And then it becomes like a comic-con, only with records and instruments, instead of comic books.  Musicians instead of comic creators.

But first, FANCON #53.  We hope to see all of the fan community there!

Craig Klotz
Owner, Organizer, Promoter




















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