Vendor’s Rules and Policies

  1. Vendors must comply with all local and state laws, including those related to collection and remission of retail sales tax.
  2. Vendors must be responsible for themselves and their merchandise, money, and other property during the course of a convention.
  3. Vendors must conduct themselves in a safe manner at all times during the convention.  This includes set-up and tear-down times.
  4. Vendors must be considerate of other other, and must not encroach into their neighbor’s space.
  5. Vendors must be aware of the designated aisles, and must not encroach into the aisles.
  6. Vendors are not allowed to use cheater tables, unless use thereof does not violate rules #2, #3 and/or #4 above.  A cheater table is defined as an extra table that the exhibitor brings in themselves, to add extra table space to their setup.
  7. Vendors are asked to contact Kansas City Fan Conventions with their intent to use a cheater table.
  8. Vendors are expected to comply with all laws while selling at a Kansas City Fan Conventions show.
  9. Vendors are expected to be on time to a show.  Vendors must give themselves ample time before the show opens to have all of their set-up completed.
  10. Kansas City Fan Conventions will not be held responsible for damage done to a vendor or a vendor’s merchandise or other property, unless said damage is a direct result of an action initiated by an employee of Kansas City Fan Conventions.
  11. Kansas City Fan Conventions is not responsible for the theft of any money or merchandise which may occur at any given show, or during set-up or tear-down.
  12. Placement in the room is determined by management of Kansas City Fan Conventions, unless the space is purchased through our website.  Verbal commitments will be honored, but actual table placement within the room will be determined in large part by when payment for said space is received.
  13. Vendor cancellations received before fourteen days prior to a show will be refunded, minus a fifteen percent (15%) cancellation fee.  Cancellations must be in written form, preferably via email.  The date of the cancellation is the date Kansas City Fan Conventions received written notice.
  14. If a vendor cancellation is received within the seven-day period before a show, Kansas City Fan Conventions will make a good faith effort to resell the vendor space.  It is understood that the cancelling vendor will forfeit their table fees if the space cannot be resold.  A refund minus 15% will be issued if the space is successfully resold.
  15. If a vendor cancellation is received within three days of a convention, the cancelling party’s table fees are forfeit.
  16. Vendor space fees cannot be carried forward to a future show when a vendor cancels.
  17. Vendors are not guaranteed access to electricity or internet.  Should a special need exist, it is up to the vendor to make a special effort to communicate this need to us at Kansas City Fan Conventions.  Even then, it may not be possible to accommodate these kinds of special needs.
  18. Show cancellations – Should a show ever have to be cancelled by the management of Kansas City Fan Conventions, all vendors will receive a refund in full of the price of their vendor space.  While it is unforeseeable why a show would ever need to be cancelled, we do realize that the potential is there.  We will make every effort to run advertised shows, regardless of illness or weather conditions.  However, if a need arises for us to cancel a show, all vendors will be notified via telephone and email as soon as possible before the show, and refunds issued within a week (seven days) after the show cancellation and notification process is completed.