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  Episode 13: KC Fan Con #22, with guest Brent Engstrom mp3
  The road map for our August 2, 2009 show, including an interview with trading card artist Brent Engstrom.  Brent is best known for his work on the latest versions of Garbage Pail Kids, Hollywood Zombies, and Wacky Packages trading cards.

Craig also talks with Johnnie Reed of Brute Squad Entertainment, and Jeff Garrett of Limited Figures.

  Episode 12: Post-Freecon musings and our next show mp3
  In twelve minutes, Craig goes over his thoughts about the 2009 Freecon which was held in Lawrence on May 16, 2009.  He talks about attendance and sales, reads emails from fans, creators and exhibitors.  Then there is a minute or so on what goes into a show like the Freecon, and a hint about the 2010 Freecon.

Finally, there is information about our next mini-con which will be held on June 28 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Overland Park, Kansas.

  Episode 11: May 16 Freecon, Kevin Dilmore, Kyle Strahm mp3
  In this episode, Craig muses on the educational opportunities that a show like the Freecon can bring to creative young minds.  Also, an interview with Star Trek author Kevin Dilmore.  Listen in as Craig and Kevin geek out about the new Star Trek film.

Finally, he's been called "the future of horror comics" by many KC-area creators and fans.  We interview the equitable Kyle Strahm, and he tell us his Split Lip and the SPACE award nomination.

  Episode 10: Steeven Orr from JAFB, Jeremy Mohler, Rob Klotz mp3
  Three short interviews!  First off is Steeven Orr from the Just Another Fanboy podcast.  We talk about podcasting, Proof, and The Walking Dead among other things.

Then we chat up Lawrence artist, designer, and developer Jeremy Mohler about his many projects such as Outland Entertainment and Panel Flow.

Finally, we talk to Rob Klotz about his job as a caricaturist at Disney World.

  Episode 9: Ande Parks, Jai Nitz, and the latest FreeCon updates mp3
  Two very enjoyable interviews this time around.  First up, we talk to the awesome Ande Parks.  We cover his work with Phil Hestor, Kevin Smith, Brad Meltzer, Robert Kirkman, and Jai Nitz.  We also discuss his career transition into writing.

Next, we talk to Lawrence's own Jai Nitz, a multiple award-winning comic writer.  We cover his work from Paper Museum to El Diablo, and share our mutual loathing of lawn maintenance.

We also give a full rundown on all of the guests scheduled to appear at the FreeCon.

  Episode 8: Alex Grecian, Riley Rossmo, and Paul Fricke mp3
  Radio Free Fan Con delivers another fun filled podcast of comic creator interviews.  First up are the creators of PROOF for Image Comics, writer Alex Grecian and artist Riley Rossmo.  We discuss the world of PROOF, cryptids, and Erich von Däniken.

Alex and Riley are followed by artist and comic creator Paul Fricke, most famously known for TrollLords.  We discuss his history in comics and geek out on Dr. Suess.  Paul is the operator of Blue Moon Studios, and has recently done a back-up story in PROOF.

Those interviews, plus the latest updates regarding the 2009 Free State FreeCon!

  Episode 7: Hector Casanova, Lee Leslie, Astrokitty mp3
  Lots of interview fun in this one, folks!  We kick off the proceedings with a wonderful interview with the incomparable Hector Casanova.

We also chat with Lee Leslie about comics, greeting cards and teabaggers.

We finish things up with everything you'd ever want to know about the guy behind Lawrence's very own Astrokitty Comics, the one and only Joel Pfannenstiel.

  Episode 6: FreeCon, Mellon, and Kwality Comics mp3
  In this episode we talk about the upcoming 2009 Free State FreeCon to be held in Lawrence, Kansas on Saturday May 16, 2009.

We also interview comic book artist/writer Kevin Mellon.

Last, we talk to Samantha of Kwality Comics and her friends Cat and Craig.

  Episode 5: Chris Jackson of Planet Comicon, Part 2 mp3
  Our interview with Planet Comicon promoter Chris Jackson continues.  We talk about some creators from the Kansas City area, with lots more information about the massive guest list for this year's Planet Comicon.  And some other interesting facts, too!  
  Episode 4: We interview the promoter of Planet Comicon, Part 1 mp3
  We interview the mastermind and promoter of Planet Comicon, a gentleman by the name of Chris Jackson.  We discuss the logistics of the show, a bit of Chris's back story, and go over a few features of this year's Planet Comicon!  
  Episode 3: March 1st Fan Con #19, HurleyCon 2, and Watchmen mp3
  We offer last-minute info about the upcoming KC Fan Con show, including info about Watchmen swag.

Our interview is with Jason Hurley, promoter of HurleyCon 2: The Wrath of Con.

  Episode 2: Preview of KC FanCon #19 Comicon mp3
  Craig and Becky talk about the mini-con on March 1st at the Wyndham Garden Hotel.

Interview with William Binderup, owner of Elite Comics.

Interview with our March 1st special guest: comic book artist Jeremy Haun.

Interview with Josh Olsen, owner of Win More Games.

  Episode #1: Intro to Radio Free Fan Con mp3
  Craig and Becky introduce themselves and discuss the objectives of the podcast.