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artwork  2011 by Greg Smallwood
FreeCon '06 art by Wes Wedman
FreeCon '07 art by Wes Wedman
FreeCon '08 art by Wes Wedman

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Pop Culture, Fandom, and Conventions

Popular culture - what a wonderful concept!  Where did it all begin?  With Superman and Batman?  With Babe Ruth?  With Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock?  Perhaps Elvis or The Beatles?  Maybe it was Star Wars?

We here at kcfancon.com insist that it doesn't matter how or where it all started, only that this thing we know as fandom is a lot of FUN.

We also recognize something else about pop culture.  It helps to define all of us.  It makes us unique.  It brings us all together.  At its best, it teaches us and makes us better.  At its worst, it is escapist entertainment.

It almost never fails to make us happy.  And that kind of happiness demands to be shared.

Conventions are the ideal place to buy, sell, or trade your highly collectible stuff.  And conventions are the ideal place to meet new friends, and to meet the people who make the magic happen.

Our plan is to run free (or low-cost) conventions in Kansas City and its suburbs.  We will also promote conventions along the I-70 & I-35 corridors, in cities like Lawrence, Topeka, Manhattan, Wichita, St. Joseph, and Columbia.  We intend to be known as having the most fan-friendly and vendor-friendly shows in the area.

Buy a collectible.  Get an autograph.  Take a picture.  Have a good time.

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