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artwork  2011 by Greg Smallwood
FreeCon '06 art by Wes Wedman
FreeCon '07 art by Wes Wedman
FreeCon '08 art by Wes Wedman

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Flashes From The Past - notes from 2013

OCTOBER 18, 2013 - 2013 FREE STATE COMICON a.k.a. FANCON #39
Our 8th straight Free State Comicon is now in the history books.  With a little help from my friends, we pulled off the biggest Free State show yet.  I'm still not sure how we did it, but we crammed in more booths and comic creators into that building than at any other time in the past.  Is it possible that we're outgrowing old Building #21?  Special thanks to revived historical figure John Brown for protecting our comics from the militant apes who were invading Lawrence that day, and very special thanks to artist Wes Wedman for making the best-ever t-shirt image (below).  We'll see everyone again in 2014.


artwork below Wes Wedman and Kansas City Fan Conventions

AUGUST 4, 2013 - KC FAN CON #38

New location!  This was our first FANCON in the Holiday Inn and Suites near 87th & I-35 in Overland Park, Kansas.  The new space served us very well with an expanded dealer room, lobby, and multiple dealer load-in points.  Huge thanks to the hotel and staff for accommodating us!  FANCON 38 also set two records for one of our small shows.  First record shattered was for attendance.  We had a final total attendance of 413.  This is the first time any FANCON has had over 400 people in a 6-hour show.  The second record was for number of exhibitors present in the room.  We had a total of 19 exhibitors who brought merchandise ranging from quarter comics to high-end golden age comics.  We had toy dealers. We had custom geek-themed jewelry and chain mail.  And we had professional comic book writer and Dream Thief himself, Mr. JAI NITZ.  All of this, along with giveaways from GOCOMICS, raffles for Playstation codes, our signature SKETCHBOXES by Mario Mora, freebie movie posters, incentive short comic boxes, and did I mention all of this at a convention that was FREE to attend?

Comics represented below written by Jai Nitz.

MARCH 10, 2013 - KC FAN CON #37
For the sixth straight year, we have had the pleasure of welcoming Jeremy Haun into our small winter show.  It's been great watching Jeremy's artwork grow and mature into a unique and sophisticated style over the years.  Thanks for making the trip up here Jeremy!  And how about those wide 11' aisles?
We received a lot of positive feedback about the new layout from both fans and exhibitors alike, universally praising the ease of movement within the exhibitor room.  We hope to keep the layout like this for the foreseeable future, with only minor tweaks.  Final mention goes to artist Mario Mora for continuing to excel with his latest crop of fantastic Sketch Boxes.  Kudos too all who made the show a fun time!
NEXT UP:  our spring show, details to be announced in mid-April.  Until that announcement, we'd like to urge all of the fancon community to support Planet Comicon's big move to Bartle Hall in early April.  Craig & Becky, and many more of your favorite KC Fan Con exhibitors will be there!

Artwork below Jeremy Haun
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