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 Flashes From The Past - notes from 2012

OCTOBER 14, 2012 - KC FAN CON #36
Another good time at the Plaza Hotel, with an expanded exhibitor floor. Those who were there saw the future of the FAN CON shows.  Larger exhibitor spaces and much wider aisles highlight the new floor set-up.  But it wasn't all about the new floor layout.  We had penciller and cover artist extraordinaire Mr. Steve Lightle and his lovely wife, colorist Marianne Lightle as our special guests!  It was awesome to get a cool Batman sketch on a "DC New 52" BATMAN #0 cover, and listen to some of Steve's stories about KC comicons of the past.  Thanks Steve!  In addition to the Lightles, we also gave away lots of great movie poster freebies such as LOOPER, SKYFALL, ARGO, HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET, SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, SINISTER, and the new PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and RESIDENT EVIL films.  So thanks to all of the fans who came and to all of the exhibitors who support Kansas City Fan Conventions.  As I always say, without you folks there is no show.  See everyone in 2013.

Artwork below ©Steve Lightle

Did everyone have a good time at the show?  We did!  So many things were going on that it'll be tough to describe everything here.

Artwork below ©2012 Greg Smallwood Artwork below ©2012 Wes Wedman

JUNE 3, 2012 - KC FAN CON #34
Yes!  Another mini-con attendance record shattered!  KC-area fans are the greatest!  Even though the show sort of had an official Star Wars theme, there were a few cosplayers who came to the show in various video game character costumes.  It's always good to see costumes at the shows!  Speaking of Star Wars, our guest was Darryl Woods, a KC-area based artist who specializes in Star Wars artwork.  Darryl was a great guest, and painted Star Wars art all day long for kids and adults alike.  Thanks go out to Darryl and all of the dealers and fans who put their time into making another memorable KC Fan Con.  Next up:  the 2012 FREE STATE COMICON on September 8, 2012.

Artwork below ©2012 Darryl Woods

FEBRUARY 26, 2012 - KC FAN CON #33
Our first show of 2012 and our first show in our new digs at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Lenexa!  All that, and artist Jeremy Haun too!  Fresh of his win of the Top Cow Pilot Season contest for 2011.  And let's not forget the presence of event girls, the Silver Starlets!  There is nothing better than having a terrific venue, great dealers, a fantastic guest, a fresh set of Sketch Boxes by Mario Mora, and a bunch of awesome calendar girls there to help facilitate another memorable KC Fan Con.  Thanks to all who participated!  We also had the honor of helping to promote the film JOHN CARTER and gave away a lot of movie posters and other swag swag from Hollywood.  Good times, and a nice little comicon.

Click on artwork below to visit Jeremy's website.
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