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artwork  2011 by Greg Smallwood
FreeCon '06 art by Wes Wedman
FreeCon '07 art by Wes Wedman
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Flashes From The Past - notes from 2011

NOVEMBER 6, 2011 - KC FAN CON #32
A very special show to close out our 2011 season.  Kudos to Hector Casanova, Lee Leslie, and Terry Beatty!  And thanks to all who came and enjoyed the free show.  Visit our artists websites and blogs by clicking on the images below!
Click on artwork below to visit Lee's website. Click below to visit Hector's facebook.
artwork  Lee Leslie
Click on artwork below to visit Terry's website.

30+ comic pros, and a record-setting attendance = great show.  If you were there, you understand.  If you were not, you missed something special.  See the website here.

MAY 15, 2011 - KC FAN CON #
First things first. KC Fan Con promoter Craig Klotz wants to personally thank the following people, by name, who helped out in a time of painful crisis.  Thanks go out to Christopher Jackson, Dan Grate, Eric Meyer, Randy Hughes, Frank Mangiaracina, Troy Johnson, and Rebecca Mason for the HUGE assist in getting his comic book inventory in and out of the show and back into safe storage. Back injuries are never fun, and extremely difficult when they happen in the middle of something like a comic book convention when the "show must go on."  Thanks, not only for doing the heavy lifting, but for your most excellent friendship. You all have my deepest admiration and respect!  NOW - back to the show that was Fan Con #30.  Many thanks to all of the patrons who came out to play with us, the dealers who made the show happen, and to our special guest comic creator Grant Bond (who did a killer THOR sketch on a blank Fear Itself #1 comic cover for Craig).  Also thanks to Dana at Allied Integrated Marketing who supplied all of the cool freebie Green Lantern and Thor posters, Priest t-shirts and other convention swag.  We at KC Fan Con, and the fans, appreciate and thank you!  Finally, great thanks go out to Mario Mora for making the coolest batch of KC Fan Con sketchboxes yet.  Mario made 2 Captain America boxes, 2 Red Skull boxes, 2 Bucky boxes (one Bucky and one Winter Soldier), 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boxes, and 2 Savage Dragon boxes!  WHOA!  Dude, you're awesome!  All in all, this was a good show.  Not spectacular as far as attendance numbers, but a good solid show nevertheless.  Thanks again to all who attended.  Next up: KC FAN CON #31 in July.

Click on Grant's artwork (below) to visit his website. Grant Bond

FEBRUARY 27, 2011 - KC FAN CON #29
Another great late-winter show featuring the incredible Jeremy Haun.  And ten awesome incentive SKETCH BOXES of the popular characters HELLBOY, SHE-HULK, and GREEN LANTERN.  And forty incentive SHORT COMIC BOOK BOXES.  And a variety of FREEBIE COMICS.  And FREE ADMISSION.  And free MOVIE POSTERS.  And a wide variety of RAFFLE PRIZES.  Yeah!  Once again, our sincere thanks goes out to all the fans who showed up, all of the dealers who support the show, Mario for creating the sketch boxes, Fred and Curtis for helping out with the registration!  And of course thanks to Jeremy for making the trip without having slept. You're all super!
Next up: KC FAN CON #30 coming in May 2011.

artwork below Jeremy Haun
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