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artwork  2011 by Greg Smallwood
FreeCon '06 art by Wes Wedman
FreeCon '07 art by Wes Wedman
FreeCon '08 art by Wes Wedman

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Flashes From The Past - notes from 2010

NOVEMBER 7, 2010 - KC FAN CON #28
Very interesting show.  We had the largest opening we've ever seen at ANY of our shows.  Soon after lunch, things seemed to mellow out, and we rounded out the day with a slight drop in overall attendance.  Was it due to the recession?  Was it the Chiefs game that started at 3pm?  We may never know, but it is clear that those who stayed home missed an awesome opportunity to meet our special guest Brent Engstrom, and get a sketch (or custom Garbage Pail Kids card) hand-drawn on the spot!  Thanks to Brent and Tracy for being awesome and coming all the way from Manhattan to be with us.  We also had another fantastic experience with our Sketch Box incentive.  These were only the second editions, but they had all been snapped up within the first 25 minutes of the show opening.  We will soon be examining this phenomenon and possibly tweaking the way the sketch boxes are delivered, in order to make it more fair to those who show up later in the day.  It's not that we don't like the mad rush to get into the show when we open, but at the same time it is very important that all fans who attend the show have a chance to get a sketch box - regardless of when they arrive at the show.  Stay tuned to our Sketch Box page on
Facebook, where we will be discussing this and getting fan and dealer input before making any decisions.  Next up: scheduling our slate of shows for 2011.

artwork below Brent Engstrom
artwork  Brent Engstrom

SEPTEMBER 26, 2010 - KC FAN CON #27
Chalk up another victory for the FAN CON.  Thanks to our comic creator guest KYLE STRAHM for his laid-back coolness and not getting mad at me for the moist towelette incident. Really, it was an honest (yet hilarious) mistake!  This convention introduced the fans to our latest and greatest addition to the KC FAN CON shows, the
incentive sketch boxThe first edition was a run of 10 boxes, all hand-drawn by Mario Mora of Kansas City.  These were given away to the first 10 fans who spent $40 or more with one of the vendors.  They had all disappeared within the first 45 minutes of the show!  Thanks again to all who came, be you a buyer or seller, a helper or friend.  For those fans and dealers who are interested in leaving feedback about any aspect of the show, please use the Kansas City Fan Conventions forum on Facebook.  We want to utilize that forum as a place for fans to leave want lists and feedback about the shows.
Next up: November 7, Daylight Savings "Fall-Back" day for KC FAN CON #28.

artwork below Kyle Strahm
artwork  2010 by Kyle Strahm artwork  2010 by Kyle Strahm

AUGUST 1, 2010 - KC FAN CON #26
Official attendance came in at 279, which makes this one of our best-attended KC Fan Con shows. We all had a great time!  There were many new faces in the crowd, both in front of AND behind the dealer tables.  Our old friend Spud has sold his business to our new friend Peter Fintel. He came to our convention rather than spend his first day as owner of 2nd Act Comics in Ottumwa at his new shop! And we also had dealers such as Mike Wileman from Colorado Springs and Eric Meyer from St. Louis come and join us at the Plaza Hotel.  Which brings me to the subject of the Plaza Hotel.  About two months before the show, our venue changed its name from Wyndham Garden to Plaza Hotel.  So even though there will be no more "Wyndham shows" the fact is that nothing has changed.  The Plaza Hotel is and will continue to be our venue of choice for the KC FAN CON shows. In closing, I'd like to thank all of the fans who came, our special guest Mario Mora, and of course the eleven dealers who made the show happen.  Without you guys, we got nothing!  Up next, September 26, 2010 at the Plaza Hotel for KC FAN CON #27.

artwork below Mario Mora

MAY 22, 2010 - 2010 FREE STATE FREECON
Great show everybody!  As usual, we had a lot of the best comic fans this side of the Mississippi come out for the Freecon. Yeah, attendance was down from last year. But does that really matter that much?  While I'd have liked to see more fans come to the show, it is sort of understandable why many could not. Graduations and the best weather day of the year are not conducive to getting folks into a comicon.  Okay, lesson learned.  Regardless of the outcome, I think all who attended had a good time.  I received a lot of very positive feedback and thanks from fans and guests alike.  Thanks to all the guest creators who did their thing with their usual style, pizzazz, and fun funkiness. Y'all are great and some of the friendliest guys and gals around these parts.  You're my personal heroes!  And even though the show was physically exhausting for myself, it would have been far worse for me had I not had such a great crew of helpers. So, hurrah for the set-up crew and the registration staff!  Will there ever be another Free State Freecon?  Yes, once the appropriate tweaks are made. We are now considering a change of venue and/or a different timeframe for the show. Stay tuned to kcfancon.com for details.
NEXT UP: our first summer show of 2010 - KC FAN CON #26 at the Wyndham! August 1, 2010.

artwork above 2010 Wes Wedman

FEBRUARY 28, 2010 - KC FAN CON #24
2010 has started with a big bang as our 24th show came and went. Thanks to fans for the super attendance, and to all others who helped. It was our third late-winter show over the last three years to feature the amazing comic book artist Jeremy Haun. Special thanks go out to Jeremy for making the long trip up to Kansas City to help out and make it happen for all the fans who came to see him. Jeremy's star is still rising in the sphere of comic book creators, so we can't stress enough our thanks to him. Also going on was a promotion for the new film THE CRAZIES, and a taste of the upcoming promotion for the comic book film KICK-ASS. Thanks go to Allied Integrated Marketing for their help with that end of things. Next up for Kansas City Fan Conventions: The 2010 Free State Freecon!

artwork below 2009 Jeremy Haun

artwork by Jeremy Haun

artwork by Jeremy Haun

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