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FreeCon '06 art by Wes Wedman
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Flashes From The Past - notes from 2009

NOVEMBER 1, 2009 - KC FAN CON #23
First thing out of the gate, we here at Kansas City Fan Conventions would like to thank everyone for a fantastic third year of existence.  With KC Fan Con #23, we close out our third year and begin to look toward 2010.  Always attempting to try new things and improve the overall convention experience for all, we are sure that 2010 will bring many good changes for both fans and dealers alike.  Now, on to the specifics of our Nov. 1st show.  Once again, Mr. Kevin Mellon delivered a great fan experience, creating cool pieces of artwork all convention long.  We had a better-than-average attendance, which is always appreciated.  And the dealers at this show were magnificant!  I hope you all went home happy.
Next up, lots of planning and gearing up for 2010.  Hope to see everyone in the new year!
artwork below © 2009 Kevin Mellon


AUGUST 2, 2009 - KC FAN CON #22
Yay!  Who knew that it'd be possible to set a new Fan Con attendance record in a down economy?
I'd never of thunk it, but that's what happened on August the second.  We had a whopping 275+ at the Wyndham.  I say 275+ because we gave out raffle tickets to 275 people.  Problem was that Becky couldn't keep up by herself, with all of the people coming and going from the show, and many came on in without registering!  As the days unfold, we will have a chance to do a full analysis and come up with our actual attendance numbers which we'll post on our 'History & Stats' page.  Regarding the show itself, our special guest Brent Engstrom was terrific!  He's a fantastic artist with a great sense of humor, and an ability (and speed) that few possess.  Our hats are off to Brent!  Additionally, we gave away GI JOE movie swag, and WATCHMEN movie poster sets to all that wanted them.  And of course we had our usual freebies and raffles too!  So thanks again to all of the fans who made it to the show, and to all of the vendors and dealers who travel and work hard to make these shows something special.  Kudos to you all.  NEXT UP:  New show announcement coming soon!

  GPK artwork below © 2009 Brent Engstrom  

art by Brent Engstrom


art by Brent Engstrom


JUNE 28, 2009 - KC FAN CON #21
Another great show is now in the history books.  Kyle Strahm was our special guest artist, and he did a fantastic job on the sketch and commission front.  Click on either of the images below to visit Kyle's website.  As for the show as a whole, I think we felt that attendance was down a bit, and perhaps the show fell victim to the nice weather (it was the first cool front to come though after two weeks of humid 90-degree+ heat), or perhaps it was the ever-tanking U.S. economy.  While it will be impossible to nail down the cause of the lower attendance, I'm sure that those who were in attendance had a lot of fun!  We raffled off a poster for the upcoming film "INGLORIOUS BASTARDS" signed by Quentin Tarantino.  The winner of the poster was Brandon Culbertson of Overland Park.  Congratulations go out to Brandon!  Thanks to all who came, be you fan, dealer, or curiosity seeker.  Next: August 2, 2009.

artwork below © 2009 Kyle Strahm

artwork © Kyle Strahm

artwork © Kyle Strahm

MAY 16, 2009 - 2009 FREE STATE FREECON
The deed is done.  The show is over.  The tables are put away.  The floor has been swept.
But c'mon.....was that a good time or what?  What more can I say?  Except to once again send out my sincerest thanks to all of the special guests, exhibitors, helpers, and especially all of the fans who came out on Saturday and supported the show.  Now, I usually list all of the guests here with links to all of their websites, etc.  But for the sake of saving time and space here in this column, I'll simply provide a link to the 2009 Freecon website, and from there you can see all of the guests (with links) who showed up at our humble show.  All of my expectations for the show were exceeded!  Soon, I will record a special edition of our podcast, Radio Free Fan Con wherein I will give some of my thoughts in more detail.  The audio podcast can be downloaded using iTunes, or listened to straight from your browser window.  If you haven't already checked it out, please give it a try!  THANKS AGAIN to all involved with the Freecon.  Our next mini-con will be Sunday, June 28 (one week after Father's Day) at the Wyndham Garden Hotel, just northeast of I-435 and Metcalf in Overland Park,

MAY 16, 2009

10am - 5pm
Lawrence, Kansas
Click here to visit the website!

Click to visit FreeCon website!   ‘PROOF’ artwork © 2009 by Riley Rossmo

artwork above © 2009 Riley Rossmo

MARCH 1, 2009 - KC Fan Con Comic & Toy Mini-Con #19
Someone once said, "A comicon has to be gigantic be considered great!."  Yeah right.  What a bunch of hoo-haw.  Our show may have been physically small, but as the saying goes, it's not the size, but how you use it that counts.  Umm.....not that anyone's ever said that to me....uh.....
But in all seriousness, we did have a fine show.  Jeremy Haun (click on artwork below) was a magnificent guest, as usual.  Thanks really go out to JH for making the trip up here in icy cold weather. 
We also set a new dealer record for the show with a whopping 17 dealers in all.  Not bad for a 40x40 foot room!  Thanks also go out to the fine folks at Allied Advertising who brought all of the cool WATCHMEN swag!  Our WATCHMEN trivia contest was a hoot, and we gave away two giant heavy-duty "subway-style" posters and a pair of tickets to a preview screening of the new WATCHMEN film.  Unexpectedly, we also had Ric Croxton from The Book Cave podcast roaming the show.  He interviewed Jeremy and a few of the dealers and fans at the show.  As always, thank you's go out to all of the people who participated, helped, worked, or just came out to have fun with us at the show!  Without you, there is no show.  Next up for us: The 2009 FREE STATE FREECON.
artwork below © 2008/2009 Jeremy Haun
Swamp Thing commission by Jeremy Haun   Pan's Labyrnth commission by Jeremy Haun

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