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Flashes From The Past - notes from 2008 and earlier

NOVEMBER 16, 2008 - KC Fan Con Comic & Toy Mini-Con #18
Rack up another fine show.  The KC Fan Con community really hit it out of the park once again!!  Kudos goes to Grant Bond who, as the complete professional he is, sat for the entire show doing sketches for fans young and old.  He even put in about an hour of overtime, just trying to finish things up for people!  Thanks for being awesome, Grant!
And as always, all of the credit goes to the fans and the dealers who make this all happen.  We are simply your conduit.  We also need to say thanks to Erika and Jennifer from Allied Advertising.  You were great for coming out and bringing the shirts, free popcorn passes for the AMC Theaters, and of course those awesome PUNISHER WAR ZONE posters!
NEXT UP - A new year will dawn for Kansas City Fan Conventions.  We have lots of fun stuff planned for '09, so please check back with us sometime in January.


AUGUST 3, 2008 - KC Fan Con Comic & Toy Mini-Con #17
The mini-con from hell?  No, not quite, but it was hot.  It was 100 degrees outside, and getting close to that on the inside too, as the air conditioning was stuck in a holding pattern.  It wasn't until 1:00 before one of the vendors figured out how to trigger the air conditioning to come back on.  We at Kansas City Fan Conventions sincerely apologize to everyone for the heat.  It will not happen like that again.  Meanwhile, outside in the registration area, we were featuring three of the friendliest local comic book creators in Kansas City.  Kudos to all three of you, and thanks a million for coming to the show.  To contact our guests, please visit their websites kinked here.
Hector Casanova

Harold Sipe

Nathan Fox

NEXT UP - The SUPER SHOW in Lawrence, and then our next Wyndham show on Nov. 16.


JUNE 22, 2008 - KC Fan Con Comic & Toy Mini-Con #16
Records were set.  We had a whopping 277 people visit the show!  Thanks to all who showed up and supported the mini-con.  We sincerely hope you all had a good time and found some cool stuff.  Thanks to all of the comic and toy dealers that came in from near and far to take a chance on selling stuff at the Fan Con.  Lastly, we wish to bid a fond farewell to a couple of friends who have supported our shows since their inception.  First, we'd like to say goodbye to Larry Crow of Blackbird Collectibles.  Larry has been a staple toy and comic dealer for years, and is now moving to Texas to continue in his career profession.  Second, we want to bid a fond farewell to Mike and Debbie Wileman.  This was the Wileman's last show with us, as they are planning a move to Colorado.  Mike and Debbie have been active in the comics scene for decades now, and were both respected members of the Kansas City Comic Book Club.  Mike was one of the four founding members of the KCCBC.  Larry, Mike, and Debbie: I'm sure I speak for all of us who work and attend the local shows, when I say that we will miss your camaraderie and friendship.
We salute you, and wish you all the best.  Photo Gallery here.


MAY 18, 2008 - 2008 Free State FreeCon Comic Book Convention
Can small comic book shows get any better than the '08 FreeCon?  As of this writing, our estimated attendance was a bit over 350.  Not bad, considering it was graduation day up on campus.  Thanks to all who came and made the day special.  We hope that everyone went away from the show happy.  Special thanks go out to the comic and toy dealers who drove that extra half hour to get to Lawrence.  And double the thank you's to our special guests Grant, Chris, Harold, Hector, Steven, Alex, Tom, Dale and Rob.  Keep doin' what you're doin'......ALSO - For those who are interested, the Lawrence Journal World wrote up a nice article recapping the show.  They also posted a few pictures here, here, and here.....and also did an "On The Street" Q&A at the show!  How cool is that???


FEBRUARY 24, 2008 - Comic & Toy Convention #14
It was HUGE.  OK, maybe not huge, since it was a mini-con.  Let's say "small in size, huge in attitude."  Whatever you'd like to call it, it was what it was.  15 of our 16 scheduled vendors made the show from the standpoint of being there and offering great deals on cool stuff.  The real spotlight was on Jeremy Haun who proved to be a real workhorse, cranking out sketches for fans and signing books all afternoon long!  We also had independent filmmaker S. Jason Cole back at the show, filming more interviews for his project, and perhaps getting some footage of the show for use in our next TV commercial.  Thanks to all who were in attendance.  We work hard to please, and are proud to call all of you our friends.  Next up is the 2008 Free State FreeCon in Lawrence.  We've moved the Lawrence show to May 18, in order to avoid conflicting with the MO-KAN show in September.  We hope to see everyone in Lawrence!


DECEMBER 2, 2007 - Holiday show, Comic & Toy Convention #13
As far as variety of things to do at a mini-con go, I'd have to say that our 13th show was by far the most varied.  Not only was our guest Rick Stasi doing signings and sketches for the fans......not only did we have a dealers room packed with 13 of the area's best comic book and toy vendors.....no!  Nope.  We went the extra mile and brought in a podcasting group from Topeka and Lawrence known as WANC.  These guys recorded a podcast throughout the day, interviewing our guest and anyone else who would want to sit and chat with them.  But that wasn't all......nope!  We also had a young student filmmaker, S. Jason Cole, who sat and did documentary-style interviews with various fans regarding the subject of "Comic Book Movies."  But that still wasn't the full extent of the mini-con!  We also hosted the December meeting of the Kansas City Comic Book Club.  Wow!  Now if that isn't enough stuff for the fans of Kansas City to "Get Their Free Con" then we'll just have to try even harder next time!  Our deepest thanks go out to ALL of the folks who came, participated, and had fun with us at Kansas City Fan Conventions!  Special thanks to Rick Stasi and the fine folks at the Wyndham Garden Hotel.  We'll se everyone again in 2008!!!!


"I AM LEGEND" Prize Package Winners
Listed here are the winners of both the internet-based and the convention-based contests from our December 2nd mini-con, for the "I Am Legend" prize packages.  Our apologies to the winners for not having the prize packages on-hand at the show.  All prize packages will be mailed to the winners!

Justin Karguth
Tim Lackey
Brandon Adams
Marsha Petrel
Jason Cole

Melanie Polito
Mike Simmons
Christine Luna
Bill Ferlman
Timothy Stephens
Congratulations to all 10 of our contest winners!


OCTOBER 28, 2007 - Halloween show, Comic & Toy Convention #12
Our 12th show was another nice success.  That makes one dozen shows within a 20-month timeframe!  And we still have one more to go before the end of the year.  As usual, my thanks go out to all of our fans who make the time to come out and enjoy the mini-con.  Thanks also go to all of the terrific vendors who offer all of those great bargains on their wares.  Special thanks go to guest artist Brent Woodside, who came out to display his fine art and do sketches for the fans!  See you all on December 2nd.  We have many cool things planned for the December show.


SEPTEMBER 15-16, 2007 - 2007 Free State FreeCon Comic Book & Toy Convention
Our first 2-day show is now in the history books.  Thanks to all of the fans, special guests, and vendors who made the trip to Lawrence to participate in the 2nd annual Free State FreeCon.  We sincerely hope that everyone felt the experience was worthwhile.  I can say that Becky and I both had a great time!  We were completely exhausted for days afterward!
We are contemplating the next Lawrence show, and will probably decide to do a much smaller-scale 1-day hotel-ballroom-type of show.  Stay tuned for news regarding the next Free State FreeCon.


AUGUST 5, 2007 - Last show of the summer, Comic & Toy Convention #10
We had a great turnout for early August.  Thanks go to everyone as usual.  Special thanks to our guests Tom Avery and Dale Martin for being the great guys that you are.  We hope that everyone had a great time, and got something out of the experience!  11 raffle prizes were given out during the six hour show, and we gave a record 53 short boxes away as incentives!  WOW!  See our "History, Stats, and Photos" page for more info.  Next up - the big 2-day show in Lawrence:  The Free State FreeCon Comic Book & Toy Convention 2007.


JUNE 17, 2007 - Annual Father's Day show, Comic & Toy Convention #9
The 2nd annual Father's Day show was a strange mix of things going right and things going wrong.  Sincere apologies to all, for the absence of free comics at the registration table!  We simply forgot to bring them to the show.  We tried to compensate by giving out triple raffle tickets to everyone, so I hope that no one is too disappointed.  We had many vendors ask about the upcoming 2-day Free State FreeCon to be held in mid-September in Lawrence.  Regarding the Lawrence show, we will be contacting all of the vendors who worked the show last year, to see if they want to keep their tables.  Once that is done, then the remaining tables will go up for sale from our Vendor Tables link on the main menu (to your immediate left).  THANKS to everyone who came to the show this time!  Without the great fans and the wonderful vendors, we would not have a show.  I hope to see everyone again in early August back at the Wyndham Garden Hotel, and again in September in Lawrence!  Adios for now.....


MAY 5 - 6, 2007 - Planet Comicon 2007
OK....OK....this was not a Kansas City Fan Conventions show, but we did have a small presence there, and wasn't the show a lot of fun?  We had tons of fun!!!


MARCH 25, 2007 - Comic & Toy Convention #8
Many thanks to all of the fans, friends, customers and vendors!  It was another fun show, and the credit goes to all of you!  Special thanks to
Lee Leslie, who tirelessly created one-of-a-kind caricature drawings of those in attendance lucky enough to get one!


FEBRUARY 18, 2007 - Comic & Toy Convention #7
Another great mini-con in the history books!  Thanks to all the fans who showed up to support the convention, as you guys set a new attendance record for our series of shows at the Wyndham Garden Hotel.  Nine fans won Ghost Rider t-shirts or hats or action figures.  We also gave away 50 short comic book boxes as incentive gifts for fans who spent $25 or more at single vendor tables.  See our "History & Stats" page for attendance details and the photo gallery. 
Super-duper-special thanks go out to talented Kevin Mellon of GEARHEAD, and to the incredible Grant Bond and Ed Lavallee of REVERE.  You guys are all fantastic, and we thank you again!


DECEMBER 10, 2006 - Comic & Toy Convention #6
Mini-con #6 completed.  Stats will be posted soon on the History & Stats page of this website.  Photos will be posted soon, also.  Although attendance was down a little bit, those fans who did show up seemed to have a great time!  It was fun to see so many familiar faces, and a lot of new fans came to the show, too!  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the FreeCon!


OCTOBER 4, 2006 - Free State FreeCon 2006-related press
The Topeka Daily Capitol's website has a huge photo gallery of pictures taken at last Saturday's Free State FreeCon.  It can be found here:


Our own massive photo gallery is accessed by clicking here!


The Kansas City Star's Brian McTavish wrote up an interesting short piece about the show based on a brief interview with Craig.  Click on the link below to read a scan of the article.
Kansas City Star article by Brian McTavish


Craig was also interviewed briefly on September 28's radio show "The Panel" on 90.7 KJHK.  A podcast of that show can be downloaded at The Panel's blog, located here:



Attendance numbers are now posted on the 'History & Stats' page of this site.  Our own photo gallery will be online soon!

Stay tuned for big announcements and future mini-convention dates and places!


SEPT 30, 2006 - Comic & Toy Convention #5, Free State FreeCon #1
hooopee!  The first annual Free State FreeCon is now in the history books!  This show was kcfancon.com's largest and best-attended event yet.  At this writing, the final attendance numbers are not yet in, but suffice it to say that all 12,000 square feet of our convention space were filled and constantly busy throughout the day.  We saw many new faces, and many of our friends from previous shows.  Thanks to everyone who made the road trip to the show!  Special thanks go out to all the ladies and gentlemen who came to the show in costume!  We know many people left the show happy, and the most frequently asked question of the day was, "When are you going to do this again?"


Without directly answering that question, we can promise that next year there WILL be another Free State FreeCon.  A bigger and better Free State FreeCon!  Plans are already underway for a two-day show for Lawrence, Kansas.  The exact date will be kept secret for now, but vendors and fans can expect double-the-fun next year.  Oh yes!  Perhaps we'll even throw in a big-name guest....  Maybe a costume contest....  Or perhaps a special evening presentation....  And even some budget-priced on-site food and drink sales....  Get your FreeCon in 2007 with more freebies, raffles and FUN!


AUGUST 13, 2006 - Comic & Toy Convention #4
Well, it is time to add another successful show to our humble track record.  That makes four crowd-pleasing comic and toy cons in a row.  We met many cool and interesting new fans, a few of whom were preparing to head off to the desert sands of Iraq.  We at Kansas City Fan Conventions want to wish all of those guys the best of luck, and hope that they arrive home safely after their tour of duty.


Thanks go out to all of the vendors, the Wyndham Hotel staff, and especially to all of the great fans of Kansas City and surrounding areas.  It is you guys who make this all worthwhile.


Now, preparations are underway for the Free State FreeCon.  We hope to see all of you guys and gals at the next show.  In the meantime, keep reading those good funny books!

JUNE 18, 2006 - Comic & Toy Convention #3
What fun it was!  Official attendance came in at 175 which establishes a new attendance record for our humble shows.  Actual attendance was probably more like 200 to 225, as many people went in without registering.  We had eleven lucky winners in our raffles, winning Hellboy figures, Smallville figures, Alias figures, and "Slither" T-Shirts.  We also gave away 50 short comic book boxes as special incentives to our customers!

Special thanks goes out to the invincible Freddie E. Williams II who tirelessly sketched and chatted with fans for the entire length of the show, and then some!  Way to go Freddie!

And of course, special thanks to all of the vendors and fans who made the show happen!  Without you guys, there is no show.


MAY 11, 2006 - Mention in the Johnson County Sun
Kansas City Fan Conventions own Craig Klotz was quoted in an article written about this year's Free Comic Book Day event


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