2011 Free State Comicon

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Please refer all questions to: craig@kcfancon.com

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A   Steve and Marianne Lightle  
B   Terry Beatty  
C1   Greg Smallwood  
C2   Erik Lundy  
D   Kevin Mellon  
E1   Dennis Hopeless  
E2   Kyle Strahm  
F   Steven Sanders  
G   Kevin Nowlan  
H1   Jai Nitz  
H2   Alex Grecian  
J   Ande Parks  
K1   B. Clay Moore  
K2   Seth Peck  
M   Chris Grine  
N   Brian Koschak  
P1   Lee Leslie  
P2   Buster Moody  
Q   Mario Mora  
R   Mike Sullivan  
S1   Bobby Bierley  
S2   Bill Hook  
T   Gunther Dedmund  
U1   Liberty Hollis  
U2   Foxy By Proxy Revue  
V   Amber Stone  
W1   Kirk Chritton  
W2   CW Cooke  
X1   Kim Cotterell  
X2   Ed Bickford  
Y1   Tara Avery  
Y2   Kelsey Wroten  
Z1   Dale Martin  
Z2   Lawrence Public Library  

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