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What is a FANCON?  And how is FANCON different from the FREESTATE COMICON?

FANCON, or what began as KC FANCON back in 2006, has always been a small comic book convention which is  exhibitor focused. That means you will find mostly comic book and toy dealers, with a few other types of pop-cultural dealers in the mix.  Sometimes, we highlight a single comic book creator, or creative team at these shows.

FREESTATE COMICON, or FREESTATECON, has its roots in Lawrence, Kansas, and has been an annual comic book convention staple in Lawrence since the first one (called FREESTATE FREECON) in September of 2006.  These conventions focus on both professional comic creators, as well as emerging creator talent. Want to get a sketch from a future comic creator star?  Then FREESTATE is the place to be. Want to meet the writers behind some cutting-edge comic stories? Then FREESTATE is your show. FREESTATE also features one of the largest collection of comic book retailers, rivaling that of many of the mega-shows which focus on Hollywood and cosplay.  While we love cosplay, it is not the primary focus, although we would like to increase the presence of cosplay in the future.

Over 12 years, the FANCON and FREESTATECON shows have become some of the best-known comic book shows in the midwest and great plains. We have helped launch the careers of many working comic book professionals.  And had a great time doing it.  For us, it is not about money, but rather the love of the comic book medium, and the folks who struggle to make them.  We salute all of them, and you, the fans.

Discover comics! Box after box, booth after booth. 

Of the fans, by the fans, and for the fans.

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