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1st Annual Freestate Musicon
Musical Instrument Expo & Old-Fashioned Record Show

APRIL 6, 2019   |   10am to 4pm
Douglas County Fairgrounds, Building #21
2110 Harper Street, Lawrence, Kansas
Admission: TBD

For this show, we plan to apply the comic book convention model to all things music.  What will you find at the show? For musicians, exhibitors with feature musical instruments on display for sale and for trade.  For listeners, exhibitors will feature all types of recorded music and video, from vintage to current.  For collectors, exhibitors will feature music-related merchandise and collectibles such as posters, books, toys, and other types of memorabilia.  We hope to attract everything from vintage to modern instruments, amps and gear, to rare recordings, and even stuff like Beatles lunch boxes and Kiss action figures.  The sky is the limit.  This show will be amazing, and is not to be missed for fans of all things music!



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  Get a booth!
<< Click floor diagram to secure
All booths come with either one, two, or three 8' long tables. See the diagram to the left.

Booths will come in different sizes to accommodate different exhibitor needs.

10' x 10'

11' x 10'

11' x 11'

11' x 17'

Each booth size will have a slightly different price. Only booths along the walls will have access to electricity.

Booth space pricing will go live on Saturday, February 10. This will be an affordable show to set up at, and so anyone involved in music should consider setting up a booth.

Got vintage LP's or 45's?

Got mics, cables, stands, amps, keyboards, recording gear, speakers, guitars, or instruments of any kind, that you would like to swap or sell?

Got collectible items like old music magazines, lunch boxes, posters, t-shirts, or toys bearing your favorite band's name?

This is your show!



















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