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Our 51st Comic & Toy show!
The show that was: FANCON #51 is over now. As comic and toy shows go, it was about average.  We hosted better, we've attended far worse.  Having said that, we feel it necessary to speak to two things.

1.  The fans who attended were tremendous.  Our exhibitors, as always, brought their "A-Game" as well. 
Thank you all, and we sincerely appreciate all of you.  Without you, there is no show.

2.  What could have gone better? 
PARKING: Yes, this age-old bugaboo got us again on Saturday.  While parking is free at the fairgrounds, the parking lot to the immediate south of building 21 has no lines painted. No parking spaces indicated.  It creates a free-form parking situation which has proven now to be unacceptable.  It creates crooked rows, and allows for driving lanes that are too wide or too narrow.  If the first car parks incorrectly, then everyone else follows suit.  And for whatever reason, this "free-form" situation has also empowered some folks to feel like it's ok to triple-park, and by doing so, locking in an entire row of cars.  "If one car does it, it must be ok, right?" WRONG.  We blame ourselves.  We simply cannot have this happen, ever again.  In the future, if the fairgrounds continues to refuse to paint parking spaces on the lot next to building 21, we will use temporary paint and paint the parking lot ourselves.  To us, this is an extreme measure, and it will cost Kansas City Fan Conventions to do it.  But we need a solution, and intend to take matters into our own hands.  We appreciated the patience to those people who were trapped by the triple-parkers.  Rest assured that this problem will be solved, and that it will not ever happen again at a KC FANCON event.
   - Craig Klotz, May 13, 2019


MAY 11, 2019    |   10am to 5pm
Douglas County Fairgrounds, Building #21
2110 Harper Street, Lawrence, Kansas
Admission: Adults $5.00, kids 12 and under FREE

Of the fans, by the fans, and for the fans.
Ad and sponsor-free, and built to stay that way.

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  Exhibitor Name
1   Billy Taylor - comics
2   Mike Casady - comics
3, 4   Jim Richards - comics & toys
5, 6   Back In Time - comics & toys
7, 8   Hero Sandwich - comics
9   Aardvark Joe's - comics
10   Kurt's Vault - comics
11, 12   Chops Comics - comics
13, 14   Greg Huneryager - comics
15, 16   Game Nut - comics
17, 18   Fancon Comix - comics
19   Dan Grate - comics
20   Mark Groves - 1/6 scale figures
21, 22   Pops-N-More - funko pops
23, 24   CoMo Comic Books - comics
25, 26   STL Comics - comics
27   Jack Brown - comics
28, 29   The Recycled Action - comics
30   Kerry Stone - comics
31, 32   Josh Miller - comics & toys
33   James Correll - comics
34   Brian Tefft - comics
35   Rendered Designs & Development - comics
36   Jenna Merry - artist
37   Caroline Merry - artist
38   Don Woodworth - comics
39   Katie Maxon - barbie dolls
40, 41   Bruce Taylor - comics
42, 43, 44   Middle School Geek - comics
45   Project Shiro Studios - artist


















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